Amazon Web Services for Law Enforcement

Whether it`s law enforcement, fire, emergency management, corrections, or the courts, AWS meets the operational and IT needs of this community. Imagine a world with connected citizens and social engagement reinforced by innovative technologies. It is a place of open dialogue between the police and its citizens and between departments. This is not a utopian world; This kind of connected community can be achieved today. Law enforcement agencies across the country are increasing transparency, building trust and […] This signed addendum enables local law enforcement agencies in California to run CJIS workloads in the cloud, with the assurance that they meet CJIS standards. To provide our customers with an extremely high level of security, AWS uses a number of robust security technologies and practices, including encryption and access control capabilities, that surpass the capabilities of all other vendors. In fact, we`ve been recognized as a leader in cloud security by leading third-party analysts. We work with a broad ecosystem of justice and public safety partners on the AWS Partner Network (APN), including Utility, DoubleHorn, Quicket Solutions, Haystax, Evolver, REAN Cloud, Unisys, Azavea, iCrimeFighter, GovQA,, and more. Our APN Partners` solutions support key law enforcement functions, including digital evidence management. To avoid forcing every California agency to go through the decision-making and audit process with every cloud service provider, the California Department of Justice has taken the lead in these efforts statewide.

This includes creating service catalogs with cloud service partners so that local law enforcement agencies can access pre-approved architectures and services with a simple management process. California law enforcement agencies are responsible for designing their solutions to comply with CJIS, and the California Department of Justice is putting in place ways to help law enforcement agencies easily adopt cloud services. CJIS compliance depends on governance, and this approach simplifies the process for local law enforcement agencies. Based in Arlington, Virginia, the AWS public sector blog team writes for government, education, and the nonprofit industry around the world. To learn more about AWS for the Public Sector, visit our website ( or follow us on Twitter (@AWS_gov, @AWS_edu, and @AWS_Nonprofits). To learn more about how AWS serves the justice and public safety community, see: law enforcement applications are increasingly integrated into the cloud. Whether it`s through computerized sending, records management or data analysis, the cloud allows public servants to perform new tasks. To understand the value of cloud computing for police investigations, let`s first compare the traditional way police departments have handled data with the way it works in the cloud. Blueforce Development Corporation provides secure, mobile and control turnkey solutions for law enforcement. With the development of 5G and an ever-increasing number of cloud-connected devices, data is becoming available at an unprecedented rate.

Law enforcement agencies can leverage this hyperconnected environment to bridge previously siloed data silos and make more informed decisions to improve emergency response and citizen services. To discuss how law enforcement agencies are using new technologies to improve voter outcomes, AWS recently hosted a webinar with a panel of experts. Read on for key information from the webinar and check out On-Demand. AWS hosted first responders, from fire chiefs to law enforcement, to find solutions to fill gaps in communication technologies and ensure the consistent and timely distribution of emergency information. The Tech to Protect Challenge, a hackathon organized by the Redflash Group, connected public safety agencies and first responders with technologists and programmers who help them work backwards to solve common challenges. The program helps emergency responders save lives by improving communication and awareness by promoting and expanding access to technology. The California Department of Justice`s JusticeCloud enables the provision of cloud services with robust security and faster deployment. AWS is dedicated to creating programs and services that are appropriate for use by the judiciary and public safety. Whether it`s law enforcement, emergency management, corrections, or the courts, AWS has the capacity and resources to meet the unique IT needs of this community. To meet the security and compliance requirements of Canadian police services, AWS tracks […] Amazon Web Services and our ecosystem of justice and public safety partners are preparing to travel to San Diego for the IACP`s 2016 Annual Conference, October 15-18, 2016. Cloud technology is becoming the new normal in many industries, such as financial services and healthcare. The same applies to justice and public safety .

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is pleased to announce that we recently signed a Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Addendum with the State of Minnesota that makes AWS GovCloud (US) services available to law enforcement through the state`s approved service catalog. The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) review process of […] Every state, county, and local authority is different, and with these services and tools, law enforcement agencies can start using AWS to create a secure and compliant environment for their data today. AWS is committed to serving the law enforcement community, from the field to the courtroom, helping to protect data to reduce and prevent crime. Judicial and security agencies (JPS) use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide cost-effective, highly available, mission-critical services to serve their audience and protect their employees. AWS has signed a Criminal Justice Information Services Agreement (CJIS) with the State of Utah, adding to the growing list of U.S. jurisdictions working with AWS to leverage AWS GovCloud (US), which includes the highest level of information security for state and local law enforcement agencies. With the […] The best predictor of future security is a thorough understanding of the past. Traverse, a protection incident detection platform from Northwoods, a member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, discovers dark data and uses it to present a comprehensive case study. It allows child and adult protection agencies to harness the power of the big […] AWS services are used by state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies across the United States. Customers can create custom cloud environments for CJI workloads with useful training and resources provided by AWS to meet CJIS requirements. Backed by the secure and tested AWS network, customers can feel confident to place sensitive workloads on AWS.

To drive innovation and streamline operations in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, UK public sector organisations need to transfer data quickly and securely, in line with the National Cyber Security Centre`s (NCSC) guidelines on the secure configuration, deployment and use of cloud services. The NCSC provides security guidelines for protecting government systems, planning cyber incidents, etc. In this article, you will learn how to configure AWS services such as AWS DataSync, AWS Storage Gateway, and AWS Transfer Family to align your data transfer solution with NCSC cloud security principles, as understanding these configurations is important to protect data and meet local armed forces accreditation requirements. The amount of data collected, stored and analyzed is growing at an unprecedented rate. Cloud technology is uniquely positioned to help law enforcement solve this challenge. Last week, AWS ninjas, cloud experts, and partners traveled to San Diego for the 123rd Annual Conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in San Diego, California. […] Looking for support in building or deploying solutions in the cloud? AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency Partners and Justice and Public Safety Solutions on AWS Marketplace are trusted technology providers and consultants that offer a variety of cloud-based solutions to law enforcement, emergency services, and criminal justice agencies. The Fusus RTC3 platform is an open and unified intelligence ecosystem that integrates and enhances all public safety and investigative resources for law enforcement, first responders, and private security personnel.