Bulla Milk Supply Agreement

Bulla Dairy Foods is one of Australia`s largest and most well-known dairy companies, producing a range of high-quality dairy products including milk, cheese, yoghurt, and ice cream. In recent news, Bulla Dairy Foods has announced a new milk supply agreement with a group of Australian dairy farmers.

The new milk supply agreement, which has been signed for a period of three years, will provide Bulla Dairy Foods with a reliable and sustainable source of milk from a group of dairy farmers in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria. This agreement is a crucial part of Bulla Dairy Foods` ongoing commitment to supporting local dairy farmers and ensuring a secure and sustainable supply of milk for its products.

Under the terms of the agreement, the dairy farmers involved will supply Bulla Dairy Foods with approximately 85 million litres of milk per annum. This is a significant amount of milk and will help to ensure that Bulla Dairy Foods can continue to produce high-quality dairy products for its customers.

One of the key benefits of this new milk supply agreement is that it provides greater transparency and certainty for both Bulla Dairy Foods and the dairy farmers involved. By entering into a long-term agreement, both parties can plan for the future and make investments in their operations with greater confidence.

In addition to providing a reliable source of milk for Bulla Dairy Foods, this new agreement also highlights the company`s commitment to sustainability. By working with local dairy farmers, Bulla Dairy Foods can reduce its carbon footprint by sourcing milk from nearby farms, rather than transporting it long distances.

Finally, this new milk supply agreement also serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting local farmers. By purchasing milk from nearby farms, Bulla Dairy Foods is helping to support the local economy and strengthen the wider community.

Overall, this new milk supply agreement between Bulla Dairy Foods and a group of local dairy farmers is a positive development for the Australian dairy industry. It provides greater transparency and certainty for both parties, supports sustainability, and strengthens the local economy.