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The Lex 100The Student`s Guide for the UK`s Leading Law Firms India`s dynamic and rapidly changing legal market is adapting to the global economic and social challenges of our time in areas ranging from labour regulation to data protection and foreign investment. On the corporate front, transactions in the healthcare and technology sectors, and e-commerce in particular, are growing rapidly. Investment activity to and from India is high. With money to spend, private equity and venture capital companies and funds are actively seeking investment in India, partly due to opportunities where Indian companies are struggling. In addition, many international companies around the world have undergone restructuring, which affects their Indian subsidiaries. Our team of experienced researchers, which includes both qualified journalists and lawyers, conducts intensive market research several months a year. The main source of our information is the law firms themselves, and the information they provide is often not intended for public use. This allows us to properly evaluate them against each other, exercise area by practice area. We also collect feedback from our colleagues and their clients to assess their overall visibility and reputation.

The process results in detailed rankings and editorials that provide legal buyers with an objective analysis of the U.S. market, updated annually. Client research conducted for The Legal 500 consists of two main components and includes qualitative and quantitative analyses. Each year, we write to companies asking them to provide information about their areas of expertise and to ask for specific details about the work done in the previous year (some of which is confidential and not publicly available). This approach gives us a consistent level and standardized data quality, allowing us to compare legal service providers with greater accuracy and security. We conduct personal or telephone interviews with lawyers who specialize in the respective field – usually the department head or designated partner. In addition, we conduct interviews with managing directors, managing and senior partners of law firms and firm managers. This helps us to have a clear picture of the direction and strategy of the company.

The directory section contains business cards issued by companies. These cards contain profiles based on the information of the participating companies. These profiles, approved by the companies before publication, are completely separate and different from the editorial staff. Business cards are designed for management consultants who want to learn more about the practice of a law firm. These rankings reflect the results of a detailed analysis of law firm filings and thousands of interviews with CCs and lawyers conducted by our team of experienced researchers in accordance with our guidelines. This provides an easy one-stop shop for business consultants and legal procurement services to gather information about the companies they want to hire. Latham & Watkins LLP`s excellent reputation in corporate governance is reflected in the fact that the team works for more than 400 publicly traded companies in high-risk and reputation-sensitive matters. The firm is headed by Ian Schuman, Keith Halverstam and Jenna Cooper, all based in New York. Under his leadership, the team advises clients in areas such as shareholder activism, audit competitions, audit and compensation committees and tax administration.

He particularly excels in SEC matters involving complex disclosure and compliance issues. It should also be noted that the firm has set up a working group focused on addressing ESG issues for clients. Recently promoted Julia Thompson, who is based in Washington DC, is another name worth mentioning within the firm. If you have any feedback on the Legal 500 series, please contact our research team at The only way for a law firm to enter our rankings and reviews is through performance – if our researchers think it`s good enough for inclusion. It is not possible for a company to buy the newsroom. Not only do we contact clients recommended by law firms to review their bids, but we compare these results with a detailed representative sample of the world`s largest companies. In particular, we ensure that we have contacted a statistically valid sample of top-tier clients if they are sorted by market capitalization, sector or region. The Legal 500 is divided into two different parts: the editorial part and the directory part.

The editorial part is a mixture of factual information and commentary. This commentary consists of a general overview of companies that do what types of work and which companies are generally considered “reputable” by their clients and colleagues. The editorial is largely based on the combined opinions of the many corporate counsel and law firms who collaborated on research in each area. Accordingly, it is important to understand that editorial lists should not be understood as a definitive statement about law firms, but as a starting point for discussion. Hogan Lovells US LLP`s securities and public company advisory practice is “very knowledgeable about the latest trends in corporate governance.” The team consists of a variety of former senior employees of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and one name to consider in the SEC compliance space is Alan Dye. One of the group`s constant objectives is to advise companies recovering from the effects of Covid-19; Alex Bahn and others have helped Choice Hotels International resolve many of the disclosure and governance issues related to the pandemic. The firm is led by John Beckman, who “quickly helps prepare pragmatic solutions for each industry and client.” In New York, Lillian Tsu left the firm in September 2021 to join Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton.

Unless otherwise stated, all of these attorneys are based in Washington DC. When reviewing the performance of a company or department, we use various criteria; We focus on the strength of the team (including partners and employees) and the consistency of the quality of the people within the team. Our assessment is influenced by everything that makes up the entire practice in this area. Areas under study include (but are not limited to): banners, press releases, thought leadership articles, and companies in the spotlight are additional ways to differentiate your business from your competitors and give your business more visibility Five Hundred Magazine is a monthly magazine from The Legal 500 team. Ten times a year, our team of experienced writers and researchers, along with a variety of renowned experts, will address global issues affecting the legal profession and offer advice on best practices in management, marketing, business development and recruitment. While the editorial is independent of business profiles, the profiles allow the in-house lawyer to gain insight into strengths, locations, key contacts, individual biographies of lawyers (all provided by the firm) as well as current rankings of the firm. For more information on how to make the most of your firm`s presence in The Legal 500, please contact: The microsite allows firms to give their clients a complete picture of their expertise through additional tabs, for example: B: Sullivan & Worcester LLP works with a broad client base on their most complex and complex corporate governance and compliance requirements Important. including public and private companies, real estate investment trusts and mutual funds.