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Once the foundation of the global energy system, coal`s position seems increasingly threatened by the energy transition. Earlier this year, Britain was able to meet all its electricity needs for twelve hours without having to turn on a single coal generator, which has not been the case since 1882. Just 50 years ago, more than 1000 mines were in operation. Now there are only ten left and there is a risk of further closures. As the UK government aims to completely phase out coal use in just eight years, we look at whether the drastic decline of coal in the UK is a window into the future of coal around the world. The exclusion thresholds are too high to divest diversified mining and utility companies, even if they are coal giants. The policy also creates space for new coal, as it does not exclude coal developers. That means L&G can keep investing in a diversified group like BHP Group, one of the 100 largest greenhouse gas emissions of all time, which produces 27 million tons of coal a year and has plans to expand coal.