Most Stupid Laws in Australia

So there you have it. Have you ever heard of such crazy laws? Let us know if you know of any other strange laws you just can`t understand! At the top of our list of Australia`s bizarre laws is this one. Apparently, you can`t wear pink pants in Victoria on a Sunday afternoon. It gives your plan to fight the heat while wearing a good color. I just hope that the poor tourists who visit the country did not bring warm pink pants for their trip, otherwise it will end badly for them. You must print this warning in bright pink on the travel brochures. If you move to Australia, I agree, there is no reason for a bulletproof vest. The gun laws here are extremely strict. Admittedly, Australia has incredibly strict gun laws, so there`s probably no need for a bulletproof vest anyway. Haha, who knew the laws in Denmark and Iceland! It`s amazing how this kind of legislation is enacted and then forgotten for decades, even though society has changed a lot! In Australia, it`s completely different. Getting drunk anywhere, including pubs and public places, is considered illegal. Under Victoria`s Summary Offences Act 1966, the police can arrest and charge you if you are drunk and misbehave in public places. You can also be banned from an authorized place if you are drunk by the police, the licensee or permit, or even just an employee of that pub.

You may even have to pay a fine if you are convicted of drinking alcohol on unauthorized premises (which essentially applies to almost every public place) or violating the lawyer`s code. Just another story of strange laws in force in Australia. Ironically, when you go to the Gold Coast, your bikini should not exceed six inches of clothing. If Brighton Beach doesn`t sound like your kind of place, change your destination and enjoy. Believe that Australia has two different laws on the same subject. Beware of the fashion police who will be there to measure the amount of clothing covering your skin, and if all this haggling is too much for you, why not stay, grab a good cup of coffee and read a book and don`t worry about Australia`s bizarre laws. Ok, most of them have a reason. Let me explain. 1. Pink pants. Nobody likes show-offs.

Simply 2. No potatoes This is an outright lie. 3. Covered swimwear No one wants to see their child look like and girls “stuff” 4. So if you`re allowed to drink in a pub, the law actually means you don`t drink too much until you try to drive yourself. No law, just recommendation 5. Kids can`t buy alchahol or cigarettes They basically tell you to have the Knoledge not to drink or smoke 6. Do not make these electrical wires These wires carry electricity for homes. Handling them is just stupid and you will be the cause of power outages in homes.

Don`t touch them Mate 7.6-inch clothes This is just one of the stories Americans hear. It`s Bullsh*t 8. Don`t ask for luck It`s also Bullsh*t 9. Do not change the bulb No law, but it is only recommended. If you`re doing something and you`re stupid enough to blow up the house somehow (Americans), then you`re drunk. Call an electrician and they will help you mate. Simply 10. Don`t be a wedding crasher Weddings are sacred moments. If you like someone coming to your wedding while the guy says you can kiss the bride now, then you`re going to be.

American God. 11. It is illegal to urinate from your right left rear tire. First, it`s stupid and second, your kind of trash. Pee on it, then let`s go. The piss is now on its way. I also know that Americans wrote this because most of it makes sense, but Americans cannot understand that reading and tarot reading is illegal in this country because Australian laws believe in fortune. If you plan to go out and have your palm read or say your happiness, think twice, because the tarot card reader won`t tell you that your fortune could lead you into legal trouble. Be an ideal citizen and move away from witchcraft and magic. Almost everyone in the world loves potatoes, but Australia`s strange laws prohibit having more than 50kg of potatoes at a time. Strange, isn`t it? Just write this down on your shopping list if you don`t want to end up in a police station to explain why you got more than 50kg of potatoes.

And that`s not the strangest part, the police can actually stop any vehicle they think is carrying more than the legal amount of potatoes, and they can charge a penalty. In short, eating too many potatoes can cost you dearly. Be a rib-sticker. There are some funny laws on your list. The last one reminds me of Norway, where the life sentence is 7 years. I remember the fights they had when this madman shot these children on an island near Oslo. Legally, they could only keep him in prison for 7 years. There are many interesting laws in the world. I believe Denmark still has a law that allows Danes to kill any Swede who crosses the sea/ice from Sweden (thankfully the ice is usually not thick enough to walk) and Iceland recently abolished a law allowing the murder of all Basques on the island. 🙂 Australia`s bizarre laws fail to cover a fundamental point.