New Gun Laws in Maine

Maine has no such laws. The state is a port state without a permit, which means that anyone over the age of 21 and not prohibited from possessing a firearm can carry a loaded pistol or revolver and store it in their vehicle. For hunters, the magazine capacity of a semi-automatic firearm should not exceed 6 rounds (5 in the magazine +1 in the chamber). For hunting migratory birds, the capacity of the shotgun is 3 grenades. [11] Highland bird hunting follows semi-automatic laws. This is stipulated in the Maine Game Act, but not in the Maine Firearms Act. Firearms, while by definition considered “hunting firearms,” are not subject to magazine capacity restrictions. It only becomes a criminal offence if you hunted actively or earlier and violated the magazine`s capacity limit. These provisions do not apply to .22 calibre rimfire pistols or self-loading pistols with barrel lengths of less than 8 inches.

[12] Maine permits the use of silencers (also known as silencers) for hunting, subject to a permit. [13] Gun laws can be complex. It is the responsibility of anyone holding a secret handgun license in Maine to check with the state/jurisdiction they are visiting if that state recognizes Maine`s license and if any restrictions or conditions apply to out-of-state licenses and the carrying of firearms. Gun laws are complex. The above summary is necessarily an overview. Individuals may contact a qualified private lawyer and/or review applicable law if they have questions about whether they can legally possess firearms or ammunition. This agency is not authorised to provide legal advice. This summary cannot be used as a defence against illegal activities involving firearms or ammunition. Maine`s lack of basic gun safety laws puts its residents at great risk, and lawmakers owe it to their communities to defend themselves against this crisis. Concealed transportation without authorization is limited to persons 21 years of age or older, with the exception of the following: If a person is 18 years of age or older and is on active duty in the United States Armed Forces or National Guard, or has been honorably discharged from the Armed Forces or National Guard, and is not otherwise prohibited, To carry a firearm, the person may carry a concealed handgun. A person between the ages of 18 and 20 who does not have the military qualifications mentioned must have permission to wear hidden.

The law applies to both Maine residents and non-residents. Maine[3][4] is a constitutional state to carry and issue secret laws. The licensing authority is either the local police or the state police. As of October 15, 2015, no permit is required to carry a firearm – hidden or overt – in the state of Maine, as long as the wearer is legally authorized to possess a firearm and is over the age of 21 or a member or veteran of the military and over the age of 18. Secret permits are still available (and are required to legally bear arms in various other states with which Maine has reciprocal agreements, as well as for persons under 21); These permits are issued within 30 days to a qualified applicant (who must demonstrate the handling of a firearm) who has resided in Maine for at least five years, or within 60 days to a non-resident or resident for less than five years. The permit is valid for four years. Some places have passed resolutions on the Second Amendment. [16] Frequently Asked Questions on Secret Handgun Licences (PDF) The Act does not otherwise change where a person may carry or possess a firearm. It will still be illegal to possess a firearm in the following locations, with very limited exceptions: In certain circumstances, an optional handgun licence authorizes the licensee to carry at certain locations or during an activity if an unauthorized person would not be able to do so: The law applies only to handguns, not to all weapons. It is important to remember that this law does NOT allow people who are prohibited from possessing firearms to carry them.

If a person is prohibited from possessing or possessing a firearm, nothing in this Act shall amend that prohibition. A person may be prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition under state law, federal law, or both. Prohibitions include convictions (offences and serious offences of domestic violence); certain sentences imposed on minors; much protection against abuse orders, dishonorable discharge from the army; immigration status; the status of the deferred disposition; certain judgments about mental health (involuntary civil obligation; determination of not guilty on account of mental illness; Determination of Incapacity to Stand trial) and certain succession decisions. Prohibitions may also be imposed through bail, probation and deferral agreements. Outdoor carrying is not permitted in establishments authorized to serve alcohol for consumption on premises (bars, clubs, some restaurants, etc.), provided that there is a sign indicating “No Firearms” that is reasonably likely to attract the attention of customers, or if the firearms bearer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according to the same standards: which apply to the operation of a motor vehicle. [5] Open port is not permitted in federal buildings. [6] [7] [8] [9] Maine honors secret transportation permits from several other states. [10] “Every citizen has the right to own and bear arms, and this right must never be questioned.” Permits cost $35 and last for four years and can be renewed. Please check this list to see if the state police in the city or village where you live issue hidden handgun licenses. If you do not see the name of the city where you live on this list, please contact your respective municipal office for more information on how to apply for a concealed handgun licence.

If you live in a city that has its own police department, you will have to go through that to get a hidden handgun licence. With the exception of law enforcement, it is illegal to carry firearms in schools or within 500 feet of schools, courthouses, federal buildings, Statehouse grounds, state parks and Acadia National Park, picket lines, or bars and restaurants that display such a restriction. Maine employers cannot prohibit their employees from keeping a firearm in the employee`s vehicle if the employee has valid permission to carry the hidden firearm and the firearm is hidden in the employee`s own locked vehicle. [14] Employers may continue to prohibit firearms on their premises except in their parking lots, under the conditions set out in the law. [15] There is also reciprocity – most other states will recognize a concealed port permit from Maine. The same applies to an honourably serving or released member between the ages of 18 and 20. Concealed Handgun Brochure (PDF)Application for Hidden Handguns for Residents (PDF)Application for Concealed Handguns for Non-Residents (PDF) If you have a concealed carrying licence, you can take a gun with you to state parks, including Acadia. Article I, Section 16 of the Maine Constitution states: PORTLAND, Maine (WMTW) – The U.S. Supreme Court, by a 6-3 majority, struck down a New York law requiring someone to declare a special need in order to obtain a secret wearing permit.

According to LD 652/P.L. 2015 Chapter 327, the Department of Public Safety is required to publish on its website a list of safety programs certified by a national nonprofit member organization that offers a voluntary safety program, including training individuals in the safe use of handguns. Maine passed a reckless licensing law in 2015 that allows residents to carry loaded and hidden handguns in public without a license or background check. As of 2020, Maine had the 11th Infantry Division. the lowest firearm death rate in the country and the supply of criminal weapons to other states with the 29th highest rate in the country. To protect residents from gun violence, Maine lawmakers could repeal the state`s Unlicensed Dangerous Harboring Act, require background checks on all gun sales, enact a Extreme Risk Protection Act, and strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence and hate crimes. The Maine State Police and local police departments review applications and the individual must complete a safety course to be approved. An employer can ban firearms, but if you have a licence, you can store them in your vehicle in the office parking lot. 45 Commerce Dr., Augusta Mailing Address: State House Station 164, Augusta, ME. 04333 Phone: (207) 624-7210 Fax (207) 287-3424 This information, provided in accordance with 25 MRS §2006(2) If a person is carrying a concealed handgun without authorization, the person has a duty to promptly inform the law enforcement officer that the person is carrying a concealed handgun if the person comes into contact with a law enforcement officer during a routine check, an arrest or arrest.