New Orleans Laws

Did you know about those crazy laws in Louisiana? Which one do you find the strangest? Do you know of any other extremely strange laws in New Orleans? Let us know! We welcome your comments. It won`t be a surprise – New Orleans has some really strange laws. From the municipality, the state and the city itself, there are rules in the books that simply don`t make sense at all. These are some of New Orleans` strangest laws that are sure to blow you away. We always try to get you here at Where Y`at, so here`s a list of laws in Louisiana and Orleans Parish that you probably didn`t know you could have broken. 1) It is illegal to shoot lasers at police officers (SR 14:37.3) 3) Rituals involving the ingestion of blood, urine or feces are illegal (SR 14:107.1) If you are looking for legal help in the “Big Easy”, there are several options. From free vendors to low-cost vendors, this guide gives you a list of options for New Orleans residents. 2) You could go to jail for 20 years for urinating in a city`s water supply (RS 14:58 58). Damn, what am I going to do next year with my boa constrictor during Carnival. Tell your teenage son or daughter that if they play with a police officer, don`t do it with a laser pointer. Or tell them not to play with police officers in general, but who am I to tell you how to raise your children? We all came back from a bar or a parade and had to take care of business.

It`s illegal to pee in public anyway, but most importantly, make sure you don`t do it in the city`s water supply. I don`t even know where New Orleans` water supply is, but you can end up in strange places after 2 a.m. if you don`t look at it. That says a lot about the fact that the Legislative Assembly found this issue crucial enough to pass legislation. No judgment has been rendered here, but if you break this law, you will have bigger problems than simply performing the act yourself. 5) No gambling is allowed in Lafayette Square without permission from the Parkway and Park Commission (New Orleans Sec. 106-170) Come on, everyone in New Orleans practices voodoo! Just like everyone in Louisiana has an alligator as a pet (see below). That is a first change, if you ask me. Need information about courthouses in New Orleans? The courts are spread throughout the commune of Orléans. Here`s some useful information to help you know where state and federal courts are located and more. Have you been hurt in New Orleans because of someone else`s negligence? If you think you have a case of assault, click here. Whether you`ve been in a car accident or bitten by a dog, you`re probably looking for legal information.

Here`s a general overview of personal injury law in Louisiana. There is actually a fairly long list of litters that are forbidden during carnival, but condoms would do the public a favor that I want to render. Plus, simple balloon animals for kids! 4) It is illegal to ride one-handed bicycles in New Orleans (New Orleans Sec. 154-1414) I hope this list will help us all become better citizens and better New Orleans. You`re welcome. 8) Voodoo practice is illegal within city limits (New Orleans Sec. 54-312) No matter where you live, a car accident can be a traumatic experience. Yes, even in The City That Care Forgot. If a driver forgot to worry about where they went to meet you, this article can help you answer your legal questions. No stupidity either. That`s why we can`t have beautiful things.

10) All waste must be cooked before being given to your pigs (Jefferson Parish Sec. 7-187) This includes dead or living alligators, or only parts of an alligator that do not belong to you. It was probably a reaction to all the stolen alligators after the Saints won the Super Bowl. There will be unhappy hipsters when they find out. 9) You cannot steal someone`s alligator (RS 14:67.13) 6) Reptiles are not allowed to move within 200 meters of a parade (New Orleans Sec. 43-21).