Robo Calls Threatening Legal Action Social Security

We continue to receive reports of scammers posing as government employees. Scammers may contact you by mail, phone, text message, email, or message in the United States on social media to obtain your personal information or money. Social Security numbers cannot be blocked. No government agency will ask you to pay with gift cards. The authorities will never threaten arrest or prosecution unless you send money immediately. The government contact catches your attention. Criminals know this and use the threat of government action to incite individuals to commit acts that lead to theft. To trick victims into recalling or revealing personal information, these fraudulent messages indicate that they have an “urgent” message about “important personal matters” or “serious allegations” and that failure to respond may result in arrest or action against you. The Social Security Administration will never ask you via email, text message, or phone for your personal information, such as your Social Security number, date of birth, or bank account information. SSA staff will never threaten you with arrest or other legal action if you do not provide personal information.

The reason is to receive personal information from you that you should never provide. The same indications of fraudulent intent apply here as in the case of telephone calls. The SSA says the agency`s legitimate emails never seek personal information and do not adopt an alarmist or threatening tone. If you think you`ve been scammed or just want to report calls or correspondence that you find suspicious, you have several options. You can call the OIG hotline (1-800-269-0271) or file a fraud report on the OIG website using the online SSA fraud report form. Fraudsters may threaten arrest or other legal action or offer to increase benefits, protect their property or solve identity theft. They often require payment by gift cards, bank transfers, prepaid debit cards, internet currency or cash. She again refused to reveal the information, which led to this claim: “Listen, the reason I`m asking you this question is that at the end of the day, we`re going to freeze all bank accounts and credit cards issued under your name, under your social identity. There are allegations of money laundering made under your name. How one hundred thousand dollars were transferred locally and internationally to drug-trafficking countries like Mexico and Colombia. Social Security will never threaten you, scare you, or pressure you to take immediate action.

A Michigan consumer sent us this voice message he recently received: “From the seat, which will expire in the next 24 business hours. And once it expires, you will be taken into custody by the local police, because at that time, four serious charges are laid against your name. We ask that you contact us so that we can discuss this matter before taking legal action against you. This scam is often done via Robocall – the registration provides a number you can call to fix the problem. In another version, the caller says that your bank account is at risk due to illegal activities and offers to help you with security. Scammers pose as government employees. They may threaten you and demand immediate payment to avoid arrest or other legal action. Don`t be fooled! As with all scams, the best way to avoid falling victim to them is to remain vigilant. If you get a call asking for your Social Security number or other personal information, it`s best to hang up immediately.

You can also consider adding the caller`s phone number to a blocked call list to avoid repeat calls. Fake phone calls related to Social Security benefits are among the top scams. The calls often involve people — or robot voices — pretending to be from the Social Security Administration trying to get your Social Security number or asking for money, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If there is a problem, we will send you a letter. In general, we will only contact you if you have requested an appeal or have ongoing business with us. The latest scam trick in using robocalls or live calls has increased. The scammers pretend to be government employees and claim that there is identity theft or some other problem with the Social Security Number (SSN), account or benefits. Your Social Security number with immediate effect. For this reason, all your social benefits will be cancelled until further agreement.

If you feel that . In the error, you can deal with . Social Security Administration. To contact a Social Security Administration official, press 1 now. If we haven`t heard from you, your social media will be permanently blocked. To connect to the agent, press 1 and you will be automatically connected to an affected service. We have not received any contributions, dear citizen, to talk to the social security staff about your social security press 1, and this automated system will put you in touch with the officials.