Tbc Meta Gems Requirements

To achieve the effects of a meta-gem, you need to have a number of other gems in your equipment as a whole to meet the requirements. If a meta-gem says it needs 2 red gems, you need to have at least 2 red gems in your gear. Bicolor gemstones count for 1 of each gemstone color that makes up the combined color Meta-gemstones are (usually) special gemstone pedestals For a list of these items, see Headsets with meta plugs. Note that this page does not contain all headgear with meta plugs, but a good selection of them. The guides tell me that Earthstorm Diamond and Sky Fire Diamond are the best meta-gems and that Meta Gem locations are worth 60+ points for my stat distribution Meta-gems are (usually) special gemstone pedestals for the head slot, many of which have varied uses, but as a hunter, you`d probably want relentless Earthstorm diamonds (12agi/3% increase in crit damage), You need to have 2 reds, 2 blues and 2 yellows (also doable with a mixture of green and orange stones, 2 orange gems would replace 2 red and yellow gems). 3% Crit DMG is like a strong talent on the head. The meta-gems are super good. Meta gems with the adjective of the same noun have the same effects, but may have different activation requirements. Basically, non-primary gemstones meet the requirements of the two colored sockets they fit into, as shown in the tooltip. 3% more damage on your crits is actually crazy. For what it`s worth, the same meta-gems are used in WOTLK at 80, so that should tell you how strong they are.

Each meta-gem has a requirement that must be true in order to receive the utility of the gemstone. In other words, if you don`t meet the requirement, it`s nothing more than a pretty ball, but you can`t even use it for fishing. Sometimes the requirement is a difficult number like “Requires at least 2 blue gems, 2 red gems and 2 yellow gems”. Sometimes it`s more general: “Requires more red gems than yellow stones.” Note that a meta-gem even has an exact number. Unstable impregnated diamond requires exactly 3 yellow gems. No more, no less. Meta gemstones are special gemstones that have certain usage requirements: so if you only had 2 orange gems in your gear, you would still meet the “2 yellow, 1 red” requirements for the Swift Starfire diamond, although this description seems to imply that you need 3 gemstones to meet them, orange gemstone counts as both yellow and red gemstone. Meta gems are gems with very strong effects, but can only be placed in a meta gem slot. The only piece of armor that can have a meta-gem slot is a headdress. A meta-gem is a gemstone that only fits in a meta-gem socket. A meta-gem socket accepts only one meta-gem. A gemstone that matches more than one required color (e.g.

purple or prismatic, for example above) can meet all the requirements it meets. For example, this meta-gem would become active with a single blue gemstone and a purple gemstone in equipped objects. They seem to be slightly better than regular gems, don`t change the game A prismatic gem on your gear counts towards all meta gem color requirements. A nightmare tear, for example, is enough to activate your relentless land seat diamond. Meta gem slots are sockets that (currently) only appear on certain types of headsets. Most commonly, meta-gem slots are found on items intended for “endgame use”: level 80 equipment, arena equipment, dungeon sets, etc. They also appear at level 70 of the equipment of the Burning Crusade expansion of the same genre. Each meta-gem has a number of requirements. These requirements are that the wearer`s equipment also contains a number of other gemstones. If these conditions are met, the meta-gem offers its bonus. If not, the meta-gem is inactive. Note that this applies to all gemstones in all your equipment, not just the extra bushes in the hem itself.

It is also important to know that the non-primary color plays you credit with both colors. Two blue gems are really easy to get. Two bright night eyes, a green gem +5 hit, can be used depending on whether you need the hit and can be used to get extra stam via take bonuses. In the next phase, gems will grant additional SP bonuses via taking bonuses that make bright night eyes interesting, even if the CSD requirement is ignored. Meta sockets are only available for specific, high-end head slots. Unlike other sockets that accept a different color of the gemstone (for example, you can put a blue gem in a yellow socket if you wish), meta sockets only accept meta gems. However, as with other outlets, once a gemstone is docted there, there is no way to remove it and “get it back”. You can replace it with another meta-gem, but the existing gem in the socket will be destroyed in the process. Could you tell us more? Even if I criticize 100% of my hits and the 3% is multiplied by all the other modifiers in a class. Wouldn`t I cause another 3% more damage overall? Looking at the hunter gear and the gem side, I confuse A crit without talent is usually 1.5x the base.

CSD makes that 1.5×1.03 = 1.545, not 1.53x as one might expect. It`s a strange way to calculate, but that`s how it works. Crits are now 2.09x instead of only 2.0x for wizards. Other classes work in the same way. With complete food/party/raid enthusiasts, wizards can have ~35% crit, so 9% more per crit is considerable, nearly 3% total damage gain, which is significant for a gem or piece of equipment. +12 Spell damage is also more than you can get from the next best gem available, a run-in-live ruby, which is only +9. Updated versions of them, but essentially very similar yes. But it`s +12 agility with 3% critical damage and +24 AP with 8% movement 3% multiplicative critical scales with everything. So it shouldn`t even be “just” something like 60 points, it should actually get more points the more your equipment improves. MS Metas is excellent in PvP because it opens your boots to safety.

Safe foot is best for PvP because it offers an increased chance of resisting traps, which is a statistic that is VERY hard to find. The primary colors of gemstones are: Red, Blue and Yellow The colors of non-primary gemstones are: The Wowhead client is a small application that we use to keep our database up to date and provide you with some nifty extra features on the website! Most of the statistics in the game stack are linear. An item with 50 attack powers is equivalent to as much as another item with 50 attack powers. But 3% critical damage benefits from every upgrade you get in the game. But everyone seems convinced that it`s a very good investment 3% increase in criticism is the biggest gain you can add to your DPs, aside from weapon upgrades (and even then, it`s not a big difference). You can also use it to track your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companions, and titles! Then, +12 Agi to boots is also very powerful for most PvE people, and a good cheap entry before Surefooted, as surefootedness requires a Primal Nether and can be quite expensive. At least for wizards, Chaotic Skyfire guarantees that most spells deal 209% base damage, not 203% as you might think from reading the tooltip. I`m not a theorist, but I think you`re downplaying the effect of the 3/8% part. The 3% probably evolves very well and the speed of movement means more time at destination, which can be a huge increase. Then the ruin talent first doubles the crit multiplier, and then the base is removed, calculated as 1.545×2-1 = 2.09x.

Why the 3% Crit is so good doesn`t matter if you`re Phys or Caster because they evolve with critical talent. He was the son of the Duke of Nassau. A WL with Ruin Talent the Metgem is worth 9% Critdmg, which is huge. For Hunter, it`s even better, it`s 9.2%. On the 2.0 servers where the crit caster dmg Metagem was not yet in play, the WLs with the 12 agi only played for the critdmg. As a PvP warrior, the reason why the 8% movement speed is good is that it frees your boots for a better spell than the movement speed. (No, they don`t stack, they both have an 8% movement speed.) In a hunter, it multiplies with killings of beasts and humanoids as well as with a multiplier of Crit Mortal Shots. If your Crit increases the damage by 200%, you add that extra 3%. It`s pretty cool. If your review is about 30%, it means that 1/3 of your attacks deal 3% more damage, this would multiply with the Dam and/or PvP gloves with 5% increase in damage. So, what are you waiting for? Download the client and get started.

The 12 acted alone are a lot, 3% increase in Crit DMG is more than it seems The reason why the 3% Crit is so good does not matter if the Phys or the Caster is one, because they evolve with critdmg talents. This topic was automatically closed 60 days after the last response. New responses are no longer allowed. Probably not, allowed XPAC later as I didn`t play beyond Cata/early fog.