The Legal Lifeline

We are a pioneering law firm headquartered in London with a national reach. We are proud to serve the community with world-class legal advice on issues that affect us. Do you have a legal lifeline for your business or are you floating in space without a rope? All of the following services are offered unlimited: Legal Lifeline Plan PLUS Legal Training Services, Pre-Process Support, Litigation Management and Defense Planning, Legal Compliance Assistance, Attorney`s Intervention, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Contract Drafting, Contract Review, Contract Support and Intellectual Property Services. Methodology Content matters The content of the methodology combines your value and protection. “Michael was prompt, efficient and knowledgeable as well as always professional, easy to talk to, approachable and friendly.” If you want a top-notch all-inclusive plan, the Signet plan is for you. Your business must earn more than $1 million per year to qualify for this plan. “Mr. Michael Herford has been exceptional from the beginning. He went far beyond what I would have expected from a lawyer.

“Michael really relieved me of stress during this very difficult time. He advised and accompanied me with empathy and compassion throughout the process. We believe in community. In community we achieve unity, and in unity we have strength. Our diverse team has risen to the challenges you face and is here to help. We are specialists in criminal law who go above and beyond by default. We share our expertise free of charge in innovative webinars, which are presented to you live and directly via our Legal Lifelines series in our Knowledge Hub. “On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to thank Michael Herford for his support during this difficult time.” “As a customer, he made me feel important. The result was as he predicted. The average salary of the General Counsel is $112,000 per year (Zippia; 2022).

With Legal Lifeline™, your business could be backed by an ExecutiveLP lawyer® for as little as $500 per month. But the good news is that if your business is up and running and you exceed that limit, you`re ready for the next step! Our preparation for your file is proactive and meticulous “I am very satisfied with the result. and especially Michael, I couldn`t have asked for a better lawyer to represent me. Content (“IP” assets) Published content drives marketing in today`s successful businesses. “The service I received from Michael was exceptional. Always available to talk, and if not, he always answered my calls. “From start to finish, I knew I was dealing with a smart, smart lawyer. I felt calm all the time. Legal Lifeline is limited to businesses that earn less than $1 million per year. “I highly recommend Michael Herford. He was reliable, professional, efficient and inexpensive. He left nothing to chance.

Executive law professionals hate billable hours. Here are three reasons why you should hate it. How much, you ask? This is also the best part! Our exclusive formula adjusts costs to the size of your business. Just contact us and we will send you a quote with all the details you need to make a decision. >>CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A QUOTE<< "He was the perfect professional, incredibly accurate, efficient and effective." Our Signet plan provides you with vital legal services as well as UNLIMITED access to necessary services such as contract drafting and review, the presence of a lawyer and alternative dispute resolution, and much more. The question, "How much does a business lawyer cost?" is too often the beginning and end of research. In business, to get the best results from your collaborations, you should get involved. Crop: Use or Property Recording content clarifies who has the exclusive right of use. "Everything was managed efficiently and professionally." "Michael Herford was the perfect representation. He also discovered things that other lawyers had overlooked.

We`ve commissioned Lifeline articles from top lawyers in the country on topics that affect you to empower you to learn about the law and your rights. “Worker . Full of energy, trust, very knowledgeable, very polite, approachable and finally a trustworthy person. “He had so much patience and I never left a confused conversation.” “Michael Herford represented me and he`s absolutely brilliant.” “The service I received from Mr. Michael Herford was undoubtedly the best throughout the process.” “I knew I had made the right decision. On the day of the trial, Michael proved my innocence. Michael represented my son. And I have to say how fantastic he was. I was very happy with everything.

“The service my family received was exceptional!!. I would recommend 100%. ».