Tmt London Legal 500

“As a team, they are well coordinated and customer-oriented. Their legal and administrative support is second to none and their ability to communicate clearly and fairly. They have all shown incredible judgment and extraordinary commitment. “Gordon Moir and an exceptional team of IT and telecommunications lawyers. They have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of IT and telecommunications issues as well as legal applications. Not only do they have a deep understanding of legal issues, but they also have a professional understanding of the technology involved. “Andy Korman always offers excellent practical legal and business advice and is always available to answer a quick question.” Niche media and reputation protection firm ACK Media Law LLP specializes in a range of litigation, defamation advice, pre-publication, post-publication media content analysis and privacy advice. Susan Aslan, a “prominent media lawyer” and co-director of the firm, has extensive experience in media litigation and regularly advises major broadcasters, production companies, newspapers and national publishers. Sue Charles, Joint Team Leader, helps many high-profile clients navigate complex, long-term legal situations, such as: massive copyright infringement. “This team is large, very commercial and enthusiastic about stepping in and conducting negotiations and operations as if it were really an extension of the internal business. Everyone has extensive internal experience and is very pragmatic when it comes to closing the deal.

It`s a breath of fresh air and that`s what legal services should always be. Onside Law LLP, a sports law firm, deals with critical issues for football clubs, governing bodies and athletes. Oliver Hunt has expertise in golf and football, with a focus on image rights. Chris Walsh is involved in a wide range of contentious and commercial sport-based work, including leading the England and Wales Cricket Board`s legal team in investigating and pursuing Azeem Rafiq`s allegations of racism. Jamie advises on trade, intellectual property, governance and sports regulation matters, particularly in match-fixing cases. Adam Leadercramer assists sports rights holders with general commercial contracts, sponsorship and media matters. Simon Thorp is experienced in managing corporate work for sports clients, while Sophie Wilkinson handles data protection cases. Stevie Loughrey, a litigator, is particularly active in rugby, football, golf and Formula One. Ben Hanglin and Leon Farr were promoted to partnership in 2022.

Legal directors James Hill, Ross Brown and Harriet Leach are other notable members of the practice. “Russell Brimelow is an excellent client service partner who wants to understand our business and the needs of our in-house legal team. “One of the most talented teams in defamation and reputation management. Very good judgment from top to bottom tactics and legal analysis. This is the company I would choose if I ever had a defamation problem. Exceptional in every way. “Mark Stephens – a very talented individual with the ability to speak well, with a thorough knowledge of current legal issues and a particular interest in human rights, media law and free speech, First Amendment issues.” “Kelly Saliger has been an invaluable advisor in the development and protection of our brand and intellectual property portfolio. She is knowledgeable, experienced and knowledgeable in the field of intellectual property and has a strong legal background in the sector.

She was able to advise on the strategy and legal approach to the development of our IP portfolio and her advice was always focused, direct and precise. “The CMS team has done an excellent job providing the required services in terms of IP and trademark portfolio management, registrations and legal advice related to IP. They are very responsive and always up to date with the tasks and different milestones that may come. “Reactive, competent (legal know-how and knowledge of the mobile communications industry), responsive.” “Andrew Fremlin-Key – An excellent lawyer. Very effective and efficient. Excellent in drafting legal documents and had a very good way with clients. “Reactivity. Ability to balance legal and business factors (where different). Commitment, knowledge and practical and legal experience. “Simply put, they have a team that dives into the sports industry and understands the legal implications of sports contracts and disputes. Their depth and breadth of knowledge and experience is unmatched in the world of sports law. “Nick Weaser is an important member of our team.

He represents our artists in an exceptional way and his collaborative approach allows us to lay a solid foundation for the careers of our artists. He offers an excellent level of challenge, advice and support and is respected by our clients. He is our legal representative of choice in the music industry. “Competent, both legally and commercially. Very good experience. Responsive and easy to use. Good value for money (especially compared to London companies). “Osborne Clarke`s fintech team is commercial and responds to both small, discreet legal requests and large demands. “Taylor Wessing LLP has the incredible ability and members to delve into the complexities of a media organization and provide specific legal advice on what is needed, but also practical advice on how to achieve it. “One of the best teams in Europe in this field.