Wix Shipping Rules

Whether you`re an established company looking to do business online to better serve your customers, or you`re just starting out, there`s one area you need to think about that is at the heart of the entire operation: shipping. Now you have the opportunity to delight them even more with an efficient and unexpected shipping experience. Think of it as the concept of customer service at the highest level. We will continue to discuss the dynamics in this article. But it`s essential to start with the right philosophy regarding the importance of shipping as part of your overall brand experience. Other carriers such as UPS and FedEx also bring their own know-how and benefits. UPS is often a good option when it comes to shipping heavier items and is known for its excellent ground service. FedEx is known for its solid tracking features and is often considered a solid option for quickly shipping heavier items to domestic and international destinations. Deciding which carriers you want to work with is also an important aspect of your shipping program. There are hundreds of carriers to choose from around the world, so a selection can seem overwhelming (and this is where a shipping software solution like Shippo`s can come in handy). Ecommerce printers and shipping labels generally fall into three main categories. Depending on your shipping volume, you need to consider costs and maintenance.

The catch? Traditionally, the program was only available to retailers with more than 50,000 monthly deliveries. The good news is that as a Shippo user, you can take advantage of these excellent prices without the high shipping volume requirements. By reading this article, you`ll learn everything you need to know to set up shipping for your online store. Just follow these 7 steps: It is important to establish clearly defined shipping policies so that you have a basis in case customer questions or requests come up. Since shipping costs and shipping speed can be deciding factors in consumers` minds as to whether or not to buy from you, it is very important to have a central place where they can find this information on your website. To make sure everything goes smoothly, there is another part of the process that you should consider in case things happen out of your control. For higher value items, transportation insurance could be very convenient. Think about it, a loss or damaged item could cost you money. You may need to make a refund for the loss of the original shipment and pay the return shipping costs for a replacement.

While there may be upfront costs in maintaining a free shipping policy, consumers expect it, or at least are heavily motivated by it. So much so that 48% of shoppers add extra items to a cart if they qualify for free shipping. Some may view shipping as a tactical part of the ecommerce process, where businesses and consumers look at each other to pay the bill. But this should not and should not be the case. As the name suggests, here you have a single fixed price to cover shipping costs for orders that are in a certain weight or value. With this method, customers can feel relieved to see a flat rate instead of waiting for the final stages of payment to find a variable price. When choosing your packaging, think about what works best for your products. If you`re selling delicate or fragile items, you need packaging that does justice to the delicate nature and can withstand a long journey. But you also need to look at the types of packaging that will help you save money on shipping. You`ve put a lot of time and effort into the products you offer, finding creative ways to save money on shipping costs while building your brand in the process. Now that you`ve set up your shipping policies, it`s time to set up your shipping process, which will be a thousand times easier using a shipping software solution. Having the right program on hand will save you time and money and ultimately enable a more efficient shipping process.

Thermal printers print directly onto shipping labels delivered in rolls. If you ship in bulk, thermal printers are the best choice because they can print quickly, print large volumes for labels at the same time, don`t require toner refills, and take up very little space. With Wix eCommerce, you can extend your reach worldwide with 180+ languages, localized pricing and payment methods, and integrations with leading apps that enable seamless international shipping. Our powerful, fully managed infrastructure is designed for unlimited scalability. To date, Wix eCommerce has supported the ecommerce capabilities of over 1 million websites. © 2006-2022 Wix.com, Inc. Do you plan to ship only to the continental United States? Are you planning to ship internationally? What about military bases? These aspects need to be clearly communicated on your website so that your customers can make informed decisions in advance. If you`re unable to offer free shipping, consider a minimum threshold that a customer must exceed before receiving free shipping, as in “A minimum purchase of $25 earns free shipping.” This way, while paying the shipping costs, you help increase the average value of your order. You can also offer incentives such as including a featured product in the order, which qualifies the entire order for free shipping (Note: if you have old stock lying around, this is one way to move it around). While this may seem like a lot, setting up your shipping schedule shouldn`t be too difficult. Once you have established your program`s policies or policies, the rest of the process will take shape.

You can always adapt, and with a software solution like Shippo`s, you can easily scale as your business grows, allowing you to provide the best possible customer service while saving money. Best of all, it`s easy to get started. A shipping software solution greatly simplifies the selection of shipping options. But here are some popular options to keep in mind. Since USPS already operates these routes on a daily basis, your customers, regardless of distance, will be served efficiently. Once you`ve packed your items and printed your labels, you can also easily schedule pickups, saving you more time and potential costs. And since USPS already delivers on Saturdays, there is no additional fee for this, while some private carriers charge a fee. For smaller, lighter packages sent to your home, this is a particularly good option. While your shipping software should be able to calculate the best prices for your business, you can also get instant estimates using an online shipping calculator for USPS.

If you are unsure about the packaging or need something in a hurry, a convenient option is to use branded backing packaging. Some of the best carriers — including USPS, FedEx Express, and UPS — offer various shipping materials for free. You can usually pick up or order free packaging materials from transportation sites. Regional carriers such as OnTrac or Lone Star Overnight can also be viable options to reduce costs when shipping locally or over shorter distances. Packaging involves much more than the utilitarian aspects of getting orders from your customers from A to Z. You should think of your shipping packaging as an extension of your brand. But first, when setting up your shipping program, it`s important to choose packaging that ensures your items arrive safely at their destination.