Xxio Driver Legal

The Orlimar Black Big Buddha 520cc Jumbo Driver is equipped with a 520cc club head that exceeds the maximum size of 60cc. The design can reduce energy loss during the swing, increase the speed of the club head and reduce rotation for maximum distance. “An exceptionally high percentage of women have swing speeds below 97 mph,” Brunski says. “So a XXIO 11 player is definitely a woman.” X-fairway woods and hybrids also use the AX-1 and share the same face-to-cut design as the driver. Both feature the ominous-sounding Cannon sole, an overhanging internal weight cushion designed to bring a little weight forward to control rotation while keeping the sole as thin and flexible as possible. The larger face of the club fosters a very different feeling than what you`re used to with a legal driver in hand. Much of XXIO`s sales — about 40% — goes to female golfers and gives XXIO credit for not just putting a feminine flexible tree in the same head. The female XXIO pilot, for example, is 15 grams lighter (280 g vs. 265 g) than the male model.

The head is 9 grams lighter, while the stem is 4 grams lighter and the handle is 2 grams lighter. I bought the XXIO 10 driver a few years ago. Bought the wrought irons a few months later. Excellent products. But I grabbed the driver again and broke the ultra-light shaft. Mea culpa. Called XXIO to send it for repair. No. Only work with your authorized resellers. I live in the Myrtle Beach area, but the only authorized retailer was the PGA Superstore (guess where that leads). They were willing to fix it with another type of tree, but were not willing to order a replacement shaft or send it back to XXIO for repair.

XXIO recalled. No. I have a friend who bought a Delorean. Great car. Unable to get it repaired. So, after a wonderful year, he was sitting in his garage. That`s where my broken XXIO driver is. Pricing adds to the attractiveness of this engine and helps it to be very competitive in this niche market. In addition, the new XXIO X will offer the first adjustable speaker in the company`s history, a potentially major challenge to its traditionally ultra-light focus. At least that`s what you might think given the extra mass that comes with an adjustable hose mechanism, but the XXIO X driver still weighs just 300 grams, lighter than many popular drivers on the market. It is highly recommended that you do your research before purchasing a non-compliant driver. This new facial curvature on the Driver, Fairway Woods and Hybrid is slightly closed at the heel and open near the toe.

The resulting gear effect creates the desired right-to-left shooting shape, even when the driver`s face is open on impact. Great review thank you. I played the old 11 on a rigid 8.5 and I love it. I`m only 48 years old and I have a swing speed with a runner between 105 and 110, and it works wonderfully. For the doubters, try it on a real starting monitor, outside, against some of the other clubs you are considering. Starter monitors have no axe to grind and will reveal the winner. I use Rapsodo`s MLM. I bought a PXG 0811 x 10.5 degree driver at a discounted price after reading so many good things about it, like a possible replacement for my Epic Flash, that I was struggling to throw the ball at my low 90mph swing speed. Yesterday I took the PXG to a test drive at my local driving range. I mentioned to a friend who works there that I was really excited to try it out and thought he would be impressed if I got such a good deal for a PXG driver that I thought I was the crème de la crème of all clubs. Instead of being impressed, he started chewing my ear on that XXIO X demonstration pilot he had in the store that all his buddies had tried and raved about for a man.

He kept chasing me because I had tried the racket, and more annoyed than anything else since I hadn`t done a single swing with the PXG yet, I told him I was ready to try this damn club. About 30 seconds later he came back with the XXIO X pilot and didn`t want to leave until I met him. Well, I tried it and I have to say I was overwhelmed. The thing took off effortlessly, pushed from left to right through a steep wind, and seemed to carry forever, unlike what I had experienced with my Epic Flash. After hitting half a dozen shots with the same results, I tried the PXG. I felt like I was hitting with a concrete block. Long story short, I bought the XXIO X demonstration pilot and will return the PXG. When I went back to the driving range today, I had the same experience with the club. Well, I don`t know if it`s the Titan Cup racquet face, the lighter 47-gram upper, the carbon fiber sole or the 8-gram weight cap they put in the end of the shaft handle that gives me 10-20 meters of extra carrying and spacing. All I know is that the runner is working for me with my low 90s swing speed and conscious pace. Maybe if you`re like Don the “tester” with his 104mph clubtop speed or his 30-year-old tester capable of reaching 122mph by swinging a phone pole, the XXIO X isn`t for you.

But if you`re a mere mortal like me, you might want to try the XXIO X driver. The XXIO X specifications are much more game-friendly. The Driver is available in non-adjustable lofts of 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees as well as in fairway woods at 15, 18 and 20 degrees. Four hybrids are available in lofts of 18, 20, 23 and 26 degrees. The irons are controlled by care, starting with a 21 degree 4 iron up to a 43 degree PW, a 49 degree AW and a 56 degree SW. It is the Heater clone of TaylorMade`s successful driver lineup and is considered the best non-compliant driver for slow swing speeds. If a low swing speed prevents you from making these long trips, the Heater Ghost 175 grams Ultra-Lite may be your solution. She is one of the biggest club heads of all the riders in this test with 550cc. This exceeds the maximum allowed of 190cc.

Most compliant drivers come standard with light graphite waves. Since the club head of non-compliant drivers is much larger than that of legal drivers, it is reasonable to expect graphite waves only on non-compliant drivers. The XXIO X pilot uses other buttons to improve swing speed and ball speed. This includes a thin, high-strength Super TIX-51AF titanium alloy on the face that extends slightly beyond the circumference of the face to form what XXIO calls a flat suction cup face design. This face also features a flared toe section on the sole to improve facial flexion in the toe area, and six separate bulge and roll sections for better control of the direction, angle, and rotation of the launch for closer ball flight.