Mk6 Gti Stage 1 Requirements

The access port is the world`s best-selling, most flexible and easy-to-use ECU upgrade solution for your Volkswagen GTI. Unlock hidden energy in the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Follow our tiered upgrade path with pre-installed Ready The Shelf (OTS) maps or use custom mappings for each change step. It`s the last engine management solution you`ll ever need. * Please do not ship ECU all pieces are made in store by our professional team at GRDTuned. At the end of Tune, a $60 setup fee will be charged. *Best profits are measured as the difference between the highest points in the two charts. *The largest gains are measured as the largest single-point gain between the two charts. Results may vary. Performance tested on the GTI 2010 with these identical calibrations. In general, the 91 octane calibration has a richer fuel curve and a less aggressive ignition supply board to compensate for 91 octane fuel and/or less than ideal atmospheric conditions. The board designed for 93 octane is the most aggressive. Flat Foot Shift: Improve shift times and maintain boost during shifts.

Flat foot passage can maintain engine speed during gear change at a set speed between 3000 and 8000 rpm. This feature is enabled in OTS COBB cards. Faster gear shifting with increased torque limits and clamping pressure with all DSG mappings. Launch control: Quickly customize launch control with 6 preconfigured RPM slots to dial the number based on track conditions and vehicle configuration. Enabled in OTS Maps and configurable in Accesstuner Pro. A quick note for those of you who live at higher altitudes: it`s common for turbocars to run less boost pressure at higher altitudes due to the lower air pressure and lower air density. Your turbocharger has to work harder to compress a less dense air mass compared to the same turbocharger at sea level. This must be taken into account to determine if your turbocharger has the right boost pressure and is not being pushed beyond its efficiency range. Example: If you live in Denver at 5280 feet and try to run a maximum boost pressure of 15 psi, your turbocharger should run at ~17.5 psi equivalent at sea level.

There are barometric compensations in the factory ECU that lower the boost targets as you move up the altitude to keep the turbocharger in its optimal range. COBB scorecards use these compensations, so it`s perfectly normal for the final boost/load value to be lower than the one shown for your card. and a Ramair input and erasure Resmounted, runs 99Ron fuel, the figures increase by 45Bhp and 118Nm. If you don`t know how to save data with the access port or what to look for, you can find instructions on our website here. If knocking or detonation is still present when using the appropriate fuel, try reflashing a card intended for a lower octane fuel. Phase 1 93 peak gains* +12.8% hp / +18.6% TQ Biggest gains* +17.1% hp / to 4900 / +22.2% TQ to 4000 These cards are designed for E10 fuel (fuel containing 10% ethanol). For those who only have access to E0 fuel (fuel with 0% ethanol), it is recommended to use the “91” octane version of the cards and register the car to ensure that your fuel is running at the required level. This is especially important for those using Canadian E0 94 octane fuel. After purchasing Tune, please email us at to make an appointment with one of our professional tuners. All the pieces are done in business, because as tuners, we believe in getting to know the driver and the car and giving you professional experience and learning more about your car and having a whole new level of fun to drive! The Mk6 never got the love it deserved in the GTI lineup, but we definitely gave it away.

The APR Stage 1+ ECU upgrade is the first step towards more performance! This easy upgrade requires an improved intake system and no other hardware modifications to the engine and produces 257-268 horsepower with a torque of 312-336 FT-LBS. To get more power, the vehicle can be equipped with an improved intercooler, catback exhaust and various other additions without the need to modify the ECU. This part is legal for sale and use in controlled emission vehicles in all 50 states when used in accordance with the manufacturer`s application guide, as it has an Executive Order (EO) number from the California Air Resources Board (CARB): APR Level 1+ is available for 91 AKIs, 93 AKIs, and 104 AKIs in North America and 95 RONS. 98 RON and 108 AKI in the rest of the world. Each card indicates the minimum octane number required. Higher octane fuel can be safely used on a board designed for lower octane. DO NOT use cards designed for higher octane and lower octane fuels. Higher-level gasoline should be used when available.